Thursday, 18 April 2019

Happy Good Friday Quotes Free Download Now

Good Friday is coming and everyone should share their collection with their loved ones. There are many reasons to celebrate this day. One most important reason being the cross that shows sufferings of Jesus Christ. We have some amazing happy Good Friday quotes for all of you. All the lovers of Jesus would definitely like our awesome collection of happy Good Friday quotes.

Happy Good Friday Quotes

Happy Good Friday Quotes

Every heart is beautiful,
Every soul is blessed
Remember Jesus is watching you
Whenever you feel stressed.
Good Friday

a good friday quotes

A Good Friday Quotes

Give a smile for every frown
Take over evil with love
Live to the fullest this blessing of Lord
Remember He is watching you from above
Good Friday

Best Good Friday Quotes

Best Good Friday Quotes

Jesus Christ gave his life for us
Expecting peace and love
Lets hold hands and spread smiles
He is watching us from above
Good Friday

good friday quotes

Good Friday Quotes

Life is a game of pleasure and pain
Sometimes all struggles go in vain
But remember Christ has a plan for you
So pray and believe in everything you do

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