Thursday, 14 March 2019


The celebration of hues and love, properly named HOLI falls in the period of March, the day after full moon each year. On the eve of Holi, a Holika campfire is lit to help us to remember the triumph of good over shrewdness. History reveals to us that Lord Vishnu showed up as half-man, half-lion and slaughtered Hiranyakashyap at nightfall. Master Vishnu spared his devotee Prahlada from fire while Prahlada's malicious auntie Holika consumed.

Let the colors of Holi spread the message of 
peace and happiness in the life of all.

Wishes Happy Holi Quotes

I wish that colors of romance and love, 
colors of happiness and joy,
 colors of smiles and affection get deeper and darker
 with each and every day of our life.

Happy Holi Best Wishes

Happy Holi MY Love Wishes

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